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We strongly recommend that people of all ages attend at least two regular appointments at Four Season Dental a year, or one every six months. We may recommend more frequent visits if your oral health needs extra assistance to maintain over time. With the help of routine exams and cleanings, patients can have their smiles revitalized and examined for even the smallest signs of potential problems, making any needed treatment simpler than ever.  Our team loves seeing the whole family!

In-Depth Evaluations

Even those who diligently take care of their smiles at home may fall victim to chronic problems that are invisible to the untrained eye. During your regular exam, we will carefully inspect your teeth, gums, bite, jaw, and other important structures with the help of digital X-rays, looking for areas of damage or conditions that could lead to oral discomfort. Once our team has formed a complete picture of your unique oral health, we can recommend possible treatments to correct any problems in a quick and effective manner.

Refreshing Hygiene

Over time, plaque that’s left untouched by brushing and flossing can form hard, damaging deposits on your teeth. These deposits can’t be removed by regular methods once they form, which is why attending regular cleanings at Four Season Dental is so important. Our friendly hygienists will refresh your smile and leave your teeth feeling nicely polished.

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